Safe Ha·ven

A place of Refuge or Security

For centuries people in the Caribbean and Central America have been creating secure, Safe Haven estates. These are places where their personal, legal, and economic assets & rights are most secure; in stable, peaceful countries with beneficial financial systems, low taxes, and bountiful agricultural conditions allowing them to grow and catch food. These are in beautiful, secure locations where owners come & go as they please – by boat, vehicle or air. In Belize, Dominica, Costa Rica and elsewhere they benefit from a pleasant sub-tropical climate, and a hurricane risk significantly lower than the coastal USA.

Safe Haven Estates features luxury, secure properties in numerous locations that are completely self-sustaining with off-grid power, water, communication, & food production. Some of these private hideouts are equipped and staffed for 24/7/365 security, yet are inexpensive to maintain. They feature state-of-the-art communications & entertainment systems. They are accessible by road, by air, and by sea – from anywhere in the world. The properties have ample freshwater with rainwater-collection & filtering systems. They have robust solar/wind power systems with computerized generator backup.

We have thought this “Safe Haven” idea out carefully. Having built and equipped such a coastal safe-haven estate ourselves, we can provide unique insight. When I am coming in-country, my watchman picks us up at the airport in my 4WD vehicle. Beer is cold and dinner is ready when we get home. Our solar & wind power system works so well that our back-up propane generator rarely comes on except for maintenance checks. Our off-grid home is air-conditioned and we have a modern kitchen, laundry, a luxurious swimming pool, outdoor showers, and a workshop.

We offer secure, self-sufficient properties of 10, 28, 50, 125, 250, 870, 900, 1,750 acres, and more. Most are off-grid with their own power, water and food production. All have full-time, on-site security. Some are ocean-front, some are mountain properties; A few are coastal mountaintop properties with spectacular Caribbean views. For security reasons, most properties are not identified publicly.