This 49 acre property fronts Belize’s Coastal Road where this strategic shortcut to southern Belize comes close to the sea. It is undeveloped, but perfect for an organic fruit farm. Characterized by second-growth “low bush” forest with some open pine ridge, it is in the midst of Belize’s most fertile citrus region. It raises gently from the Coastal Road to the foothills of the Maya Mountains. It is well-drained and its soil has excellent pH for¬†fruits, vegetables and cacao. It has a year-round flowing creek, with pure water coming down from the hills. Surrounded by commercial citrus, fruit, and aquaculture farms, this land enjoys the ideal rainfall pattern for agriculture.¬†

There is a perfect location for a house, barn and processing facility near the road. Grid power lines run along the road, and can be easily accessed for commercial and household electricity. It is within cellular coverage.

Priced at $95,750

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