One of the most significant property offerings
on Central America’s Caribbean Coast.

This is the closest large destination resort location to Belize’s international airport (24 miles by boat, 20 miles by air, 52 miles by road). It has its own private, paved airstrip – longer than any municipal airport in the country. It is surrounded by miles of untouched natural Caribbean beach. Agricultural assets include approx. 800 acres of citrus groves, plus almost 14,000 acres of private nature reserves. It extends from the Caribbean coast 7 miles west into the dramatic Maya Mountain foothills. National Forest Reserves surrounding the property provide exclusive privacy and a vast wilderness area bordering the famous Maya Forest Corridor.

There is exceptional bio-diversity here, including numerous rare and endangered flora & fauna. Its coastal forests and jungled hills contain yet-undiscovered species of plants and animals. We have recorded sightings of tropical birds no longer seen in other parts of Belize – or the world. Biologists describe this beach is “the most important Hawksbill Turtle nesting ground in the Caribbean Sea”. This property’s primordial ecosystem currently supports all five of Central America’s Big Cat species. These statements are not hyperbole ~ this must be seen to be appreciated.




• Over 14,000 acres in Belize’s most biologically diverse, unspoiled region;

• Almost 3 miles of prime, untouched, high-sand, Caribbean Sea beach;

• Partially encompasses Belize’s largest estuary system, the Manatee/Southern Lagoon region;

• Its streams and shoreline are designated as part of an IUCN Category IV Wildlife Sanctuary;

• Profitable citrus & fruit orchards in operation occupying about 850 ac.;

• With 6 miles frontage on both sides of the Coastal Highway ~
    exactly where this shortcut to southern Belize comes closest to the sea;

• High sand beaches, broad open savanna, riparian zones, and high-canopy mountain jungle;

• Surrounded by thousands of hectares of wild, pristine National Forest lands;

• Valuable and significant carbon is sequestered under these hills for eons;

• This beach has the highest concentration of Hawksbill Turtle nests in the Caribbean Sea;

• Miles of gated, private, all-weather and paved roads throughout the property;

• Compound of partially-built mountaintop villas in lush, landscaped setting;

• Construction, infrastructure and farming equipment on-site;

• Electricity on-site, with good cellular and internet coverage;

• On Belize’s strategic Coastal Highway (an all-weather gravel road now being paved);

• Ample potable fresh water from several whitewater creeks on-site;

• Large limestone cavern system extends more than a mile underground;

• Paved 2,800 ft. private airstrip built to FAA specs;

• The world’s second-largest barrier reef begins 9 miles offshore;

• 50-acre Aqua / Shrimp Farm, not in production;

• Property includes 4 waterfront owners’ villas;

• Approved E.I.A. for  mountaintop eco-resort (partially constructed);

• On-site watchmen 24/7.

Veranda view from the beach villa.



This property provides the best background for Enterprise Zone development in the western Caribbean. Set in one of the most breathtaking locations in the world, this magnificent property encompasses almost 24 square miles, or 6200 hectares.

One of the mountain villas.

With 7 separately titled sections, various projects could be undertaken in a large enterprise zone. An intelligent master plan can provide for diverse projects, all of which, through a thoughtful set of guidelines, can be designed with environmental and architectural integrity. With 7,000 buildable acres next to its wild, untouched Caribbean beaches, this property extends into the dramatic foothills of the Mayan Mountains. It has crystal-clear whitewater creeks, extensive caverns and 15 partially-built private mountain villas with panoramic vistas.


Private villa, with a great swimming beach.

It is remote and secluded, but it’s private airstrip makes it a quick flight from the international airport. By road or boat, it is 90 minutes from the airport – soon to be faster with the completion of the Coastal Highway paving project.  This location is an easy day-trip to all of Belize’s fantastic attractions, which include: Caves Branch River underground river tubing adventure; Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve; Belize Zoo & numerous National Parks with spectacular waterfalls; many established Mayan archeological parks; the historically important Drum School in nearby Gales Point Village.

National Geographic Adventure magazine said this of the nearby reef beginning 9 miles offshore: “the best reef diving in the world.” Scientists tell us that this MesoAmerican Barrier Reef is arguably the most vibrant coral reef system in the world; the vast estuary system surrounding this property feeds and nourishes this barrier reef, and provides breeding waters for important reef species.

This is clear-title property, capable of title insurance. It consists of 7 separately titled, contiguous sections. No JVs will be considered. 




Currently under Contingency Contract:

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Seaside orchards follow the Coastal Highway.
Aerial view of orchards and hills on site along Coastal Road.




A “tarpon’s eye” view of White Ridge Farms.



The Coastal Road through White Ridge Farms orchards as of today. It is currently being paved.



The private airstrip, looking west.

















This Coastal Highway is now being paved. When completed in late 2023, it will be a major 37-mile shortcut on level land ~ saving travelers an hour-and-a-half of mountain-road travel to Southern Belize. Then development will come to this quiet section of Belize, and land prices here will appreciate dramatically.