Here are a few photos of some of our recent journeys & properties.

Cross that bridge when you come to it.

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C’mon abord! Lets go “island hunting”.

Crocodile Creek orchids

Meanwhile, back home. . .

at the butterfly farm
at the butterfly farm
Croc on River
What a crock!

River girls Xanantunich

Dock & Boat
We can come and go from anywhere.


A "tarpon's eye" view of our Coastal Highway properties.
A “tarpon’s eye” view of our Coastal Highway properties.
Long Caye Dock
The dock at Long Caye, on Lighthouse Reef
This is the back yard.
Lodge in Hills
A secure ‘Safe Haven’ in a hollow of the hills.

After our hike! hopkins-belize-beach-resort-1

Coming into Belize City by boat to pick up guests.
Helicopter-eye view of “reef’s edge” at the Continental Shelf



Well-appointed, high-tech beach houses.

Hawksbill Turtle !

Off-grid farm along Soldier Creek, just off the spectacular Coastal Road.
Imagine living here, just off Belize’s beautiful Hummingbird Hwy!
You betta buya beach house!
















Overlooking the cloud forest.



Belize is now open!

C’mon down and check us out !