‘Study Abroad’ Program Sites

This beach – right here and for 3 miles up & down – is the most important Hawksbill Turtle nesting site in the western Caribbean region.

Belize is a very popular venue for “study abroad” and environmental immersive education programs. Students from universities & schools, scientists, and religious organizations learn & thrive in its wildly diverse environment ~ from Belize’s mountain jungles, to pristine beaches, to vibrant reefs. We have several properties well suited for hosting such study groups. And we have good reasons why this is not only a profitable business model, but it is on the cutting edge of education today.

Students apply a transponder to a nesting female turtle.

While Belize does have a number of profitable resorts, the resort business model is not always the most profitable business model. Facilities that host study abroad groups –  including colleges, schools and churches – have higher occupancy rates. They benefit from advance group bookings, so can better forecast their needs and finances, month after month. Also, they can book groups during the summer when school is out, but during the Caribbean ‘off season’ when tourism is slower and resorts’ room rates are typically lower.

Several coral reef islands have research stations.

Why host study groups in Belize?

• A profitable, sustainable business model ~ in a tropical paradise;

• In an English-speaking, British Commonwealth country;

• Benefit from exceptionally varied cultural diversity;

• Incredible bio-diversity;

• US$ is accepted widely;

• Pristine, untouched Caribbean beaches;

• The MesoAmerican Barrier Reef extends for 180 miles;

• Pristine estuary systems, vital to reef ecology;

• Pure jungle rivers;

• Primordial high-canopy rain forest in wild, natural abundance;

• Study water ecology from the mountains, to the estuaries, to the vibrant coral reef;

• Learn about off-grid living & technology;

• One location has the highest concentration of West Indian Manatee in the Caribbean basin;

• Study sustainable agriculture and self-reliant living.

The highest concentration of West Indian Manatee in North or Central America.


Jamal is an expert in Manatee rescue.


Sambai drum teachers
Tropical birds of every variety.
Hawksbills travel widely, but come back to their original nesting site.


Study sustainable agriculture.
Study off-grid living & technology.


Enjoy the ‘creature comforts’.
Beachfront cabanas
USGS Manatee research crew
Mountain-ringed seaside lagoon.
Grow your own food.
Jungle river adventure.
Welcome home!


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as well as existing facilities.