A European businessman with a passion for fly fishing contacted us. He was looking for a large property, “somewhere in Central America”, where he could create a world-class, back-country fishing lodge, “representing some of the world’s last frontiers”. We found the perfect place in coastal Belize. And we helped him build his dream.

An international industrialist wanted us to find the most beautiful coral reef island imaginable. He wanted more than 5 acres, surrounded by pristine reef; picturesque palm trees; white sand beaches; with docks, piers, guest houses, and a self-sufficient 4-bedroom residence. Oh yes, and he also wanted this island to have a safe harbor for his personal submarine. We identified a number of likely islands, then we went ‘island hunting’ with him by boat. He brought along a professional diver to gauge the reef quality and water depth. After a beautiful Caribbean cruise, we identified a few ideal properties. The next day we chartered a helicopter and went island hopping at 90mph to compare these islands in detail. We found the perfect paradise out by Gladden’s Spit, where the whale sharks congregate, and where the reef meets the deep blue sea.

An American woman and her kids were tired of the rat race. She asked us to find her a turnkey jungle resort; at a good price; with repeat clientele; not too far from the sea; on a navigable river; in a picturesque location; near a school. It took a few months and some negotiation, but we found her the sweetest jungle resort imaginable with a straightforward financing package. Soon they are expanded, hosting college students for ecological study, along with their base clientele of European birders and Caribbean adventurers.

A successful investment banker wanted to stretch his horizons and add some Caribbean properties to his REIT portfolio. We found him several large tracts of coastal land suitable for development. A few years later, when his strip malls and skyscrapers back home were losing tenants and value, he was very pleased he had invested in Belize waterfront properties. We were able to sell his properties at a handsome profit – at the height of the ‘economic downturn’ that seemed to effect properties in most of the world outside of Belize.

How can we help you find your perfect tropical situation?

Whether you are looking for a secure, safe-haven, hide-away; prime agricultural land; an income-producing investment property; a coral reef island; a world-class resort; or an entirely new Caribbean lifestyle, InTheTropics Network can help. We will find you the perfect clear-title property, and then we can help you with all aspects development.

Happy ever after? That’s up to you.  But we will certainly tip the happiness scales in your favor.