A New Generation of Solar Batteries

In an off-grid solar power system, generated electricity must be stored for later use when the sun isn’t shining. Not long ago when fossil fuels were cheap and plentiful, running a diesel, gasoline or propane generator when power was needed was sufficient. That is, if you didn’t mind the noise, the smell, and the hassle…

Medical Tourism in Belize

IXCH’EL CENTER is a state-of-technology clinical treatment destination on Belize’s Caribbean beach. Named after the Mayan goddess of medicine & healing, it is conceived as a private, secure haven for treatment, healing and recovery in a beautiful, tropical environment. Ixch’el Center encompasses nearly twenty square miles of pristine coastal habitat, with several miles of magnificent, private…

Paving the Road to Paradise

The sun descends behind the lush foothills of the Mayan Mountains to the west, outlining them in relief against the brilliant tropical sunset. The sunset reflects on the calm water of this vast seaside lagoon. From the east, a few fluffy clouds chase each other in from the Caribbean Sea, against an impossibly blue sky….