226-Acre Luxury Estate

A beautiful home and farm on Belize’s Coastal Road


Square Feet

Solar Powered


& Gardens




Well-maintained orchards yield bountiful crops of citrus, mangoes, coconut, cashew, banana and other fruits. Irrigated kitchen gardens provide vegetables and herbs. 1,500 hardwood trees cover 50 landscaped acres with peaceful walkways, paths and nature lookouts. An electronically-secure gate accesses the scenic 3/4-mile private drive through the fenced savanna and orchards, around jungled hills, and into a panoramic vista of the home & grounds amidst majestic foothills of the Maya Mountains. This property is created for the utmost in privacy ~ and for epic entertaining.

With a craftsman-built 6,000 sq. ft. home, pastures, swimming pool, ponds, creeks, aviary and dramatic overlooks, this estate is truly a self-sufficient hide-away.


  Fruit Orchards



  Chicken Coup & Aviary

  Private, gated entry

  Watchman & Staff Cabins

  Abundant Wildlife

  Surrounded by Pristine
National Lands

  1 Hour Drive from
International Airport

  Swimming Pool

  Freshwater Stream
& Ponds

  Embassy-Grade Security
& Communications

  Over 1,500 Hardwood Trees

  Trails & Thatched Palapas

  1/2 Mile Road Frontage

  1-1/4 Mile River Frontage

  1 Hour Drive from
Capital City


Architect-designed and craftsman-built of reinforced concrete with local hardwood details and amenities. The magnificent interior includes a broad, sweeping staircase and balconies. The first floor has two main halls and one central atrium lobby, plus a separate hotel-size kitchen/pantry and laundry/staff area, with anterooms. The dramatic staircase rises to a 360° inside balcony, accessing four large ensuite bedrooms. Exterior balconies and large open-air terraces grace both first and second floors.

Modern, energy-efficient plumbing, lighting, security, and communications system keep everything running smoothly. Spacious parking area is under the house, with storage and mechanicals. Bring your designer for this fantastic residence’s finishing details.

  6,000 Sq. Ft. Home

  Hotel-Size Kitchen

  4 Spacious Bedrooms
with Ensuite Bathrooms

  Outdoor Balconies

  Private Outdoor Showers

  Hotel-Size Kitchen
and Pantry

  Air Conditioned

  Carved Hardwood Doors

  Huge 20,000 Gallon Cistern

  Modern, Low-Water-Usage

  Sweeping Staircase

  Third-Floor Safe Room

  Ground Floor Parking


This property is completely off-grid, private, self-contained and secure. It features a state-of-the-art, powerful 48w solar power system with propane generator backup, robust enough for AC. It has an advanced, filtered rainwater catchment water system with huge cisterns. Its communication & security system is embassy-grade. On-site watchmen provides 24/7/365 security and maintenance, living in separate, strategically placed cabanas.

A hardened, wired, safe room is hidden on the third floor.

Electronic sensors alert owner to a vehicle approaching the gate. Hilltop, driveway, and entry cameras provide 24/7 video monitoring. Property has line-of-sight fixed wireless communication from the capital city, and is within 3G cellular coverage for house-wide WiFi.

  On-Site Watchmen & Staff Quarters

  High-Strength Concrete Structure

  Embassy-Grade Security System

  Fortified ‘Panic’ Room

  Robust Off-Grid Solar Power

  Embassy-Grade Communications

  Within 3G Cellular Coverage

  Outdoor & Indoor
Security Cameras

  Solar-Powered Golf Cart

 No Neighbors for Many Miles


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