Medical Tourism in Belize

IXCH’EL CENTER is a state-of-technology clinical treatment destination on Belize’s Caribbean beach. Named after the Mayan goddess of medicine & healing, it is conceived as a private, secure haven for treatment, healing and recovery in a beautiful, tropical environment. Ixch’el Center encompasses nearly twenty square miles of pristine coastal habitat, with several miles of magnificent, private Caribbean beach. It stretches across open savanna, and its mountain villas have wide panoramas from atop the dramatic karst foothills of the Maya Mountains. 

Medical Enterprise Zone
Being developed in cooperation with Belize’s government, with input from international experts in planned development & sustainable use of coastal resources, our original keystone clinics here are off-shore treatment centers owned, staffed and operated by well-known, cutting-edge, US-based, medical and clinical organizations. This ‘Medical Enterprise Zone’ has room for additional tenants and stakeholders, interested in establishing offshore treatment and healing clinics in a safe, tropical, beachfront, English-speaking, Caribbean environment – easily accessible from North America and elsewhere.

Our site includes a paved airstrip built to U.S. FAA specifications; miles of private, untouched Caribbean beach; private paved roads; 24/7 security; high-tech communications; organic gardens and fruit orchards, wide-open savanna, beach & mountaintop villas, and infrastructure. (also ~ some of the best sport fishing in the world !)

Our site is right on Caribbean Sea, on the coast of Belize, at the place where the Maya Mountains come closest to the sea. This area is noted for the incredible biological diversity of its marine life, flora and fauna, from its mountaintop villas, across the wide savanna, to its Caribbean beaches stretching untouched for miles. This location provides idyllic ocean breezes, panoramic views of the ocean and the lush coastline, as well as the high-canopy jungled hills and Maya Mountains. Only a 10-minute flight from Belize’s International airport, this is a rare, isolated venue for undisturbed reverie and healing.

Getting Here
Guests arriving into Belize’s international airport (“BZE”) will be transferred quickly and easily through customs and onto a waiting aircraft, boat or vehicle. It is possible to leave most major US cities in the morning, and be in Belize before noon. Many guests and patients will arrive at the on-site airstrip via a 10-minute flight in a charter airplane or helicopter. The property occupies both sides of the strategic Coastal Highway, where this road parallels the sea. Arriving and departing by boat is also a wonderful trip, 90 minutes through lush jungle rivers and picturesque seaside lagoons, where flocks of white ibis and other tropical birds and animals will be seen. The dock location is protected from weather inside a large, mountain-rimmed, seaside lagoon, also with direct Caribbean boat access. The property has canals that will allow creation of a protected ocean marina, so guests can enjoy the nearby reefs and islands.

InTheTropics Network is the exclusive broker for this medical enterprise zone.
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